SCEE to Have Laptop Battery Draining Three Hour Press Conference in Cologne

ps3Holeee fuck. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has confirmed that’ll be holding a three hour long press conference at GamesCOM in Cologne next month on August 18th.

It’ll go on from 18:00CET – 21:00CET. Thats 17:00BST – 20:00BST anyways. Thats longer then the E3 press conference which came in at roughly two and a half hours.

What to expect to be there? Fuck knows, but considering it’s 3 hours, you’d be fucking pissed if it was just slide after slide or graphs. What do we think will be there? Gran Turismo 5, PS3 Slim, Eyepet, Heavy Rain and more. No David Reeves, and his multi-national lingo, this year, so expect new SCEE CEO Andrew House to take the floor.