RUMOR: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned Coming to PC

gta-iv-lost-and-damnedWe don’t do PC on GO… never. But considering the circumstances, we’re prepared to make this exception… once.

Ever since The Lost and Damned – the first of the two episodes from Grand Theft Auto IV –  launched back in February, PC and PS3 owners have sit back and watch with envy as Xbox 360 enjoyed the GTA IV expansion. But it seems that the add-on content is finally going to make its much-rumoured move to another platform, the PC.

An excerpt from the Germany’s ratings board, the USK has listed down the DLC for a possible reveal as two trailers are rated to be shown at GamesCom in Cologne, with the PC being listed as the platform for it.

Earlier this year, Rockstar released the first of the two episodes on Xbox Live. The second, The Ballad of Gay Tony, is due for release on October 29th. Also due for release as well is a special 2 episode collection on disc for the Xbox 360, known as “Episodes from Liberty City”: that releases also on October 29th.

GamesCom kicks off in a week and a half from now. Incriminating proof is after the jump.

We’ve left comment with Rockstar on this.

Lost and Damned