Valve: We want to see the “compelling game” for Natal


In a recent interview with Destructoid, Left 4 Dead writer Chet Faliszek has told of his interest in Microsoft’s Project Natal, which was shown at E3 in June.

“I think Wii hit it out of the park with the titles that it shipped with. I bought two Wiis, and they’re both [for visiting] family, and playing. I can’t seem to box them up and carry them, so I had to buy two. [Wii's launch titles] are perfect games for that … I haven’t found much else that’s compelling. I want to see the compelling game first,” said Faliszek.

“That will be the main issue for Natal, whether it will be able to ensnare the ‘hardcore’ gamer that Microsoft already has attracted to it’s console along with the casual user that is Natal’s main target by having titles with bags of quality.”

With all the talent in the team at Valve, here’s to hoping their first Natal-based game is a success but in the mean time Valve, care to release HL2: Episode 3? It’s only been, what, a mere two year wait.