Rockstar Promises “lots of announcements” Today [UPDATE]


UPDATE: Rockstar’s just published the first screens of Chinatown Wars for the PSP. No use to us (yet…), but they did say there would “lots of announcmenets”. Go take a look here if you want.

There has to be at least one big console announcement. Lost & Damned and Ballad of Gay Tony coming to PS3?

UPDATE 2: They’ve released two new concept art for The Ballad of Gay Tony. Full story here.

As well as that, a new trailer for that music game for the PSP, Beaterator, is coming today. Nothing exciting yet, but keep the faith.

UPDATE 3: The first trailer for The Ballad of Gay Tony will be released on Tuesday.

Original Story: Maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves. Maybe…

But Rockstar has tweeted that they have “Lots of announcements” coming today. It comes as they re-launched their website (we know some other site re-launching too), saying the news on their .

“Rockstar site redux: Check it out. Lots of announcements coming today…”

Make of that as you will. But we’ve sent off an email to Rockstar anyways to see if we should set our expectations high or not.

12 Responses to “Rockstar Promises “lots of announcements” Today [UPDATE]”

  1. Wh1teL1ght Says:

    we dont want no gay ballad dlc on ps3 just give use the leaf clover dlc – imagine some extra missions with those irish guys, how fun will that be

  2. funny how you think their will be an announcement regarding the 360 exclusive dlcs coming to PS3. Fanboy at heart, yep

  3. Birdman44 Says:

    Idk, I think that the biggest announcment would be GTA 5… Please be GTA 5!!!

  4. yamumsawersome Says:

    LA Noire LA Noire
    LA Noire
    LA Noire
    LA Noire
    oooooooooo please let it be LA Noire.
    that game was suppose to be out by now, and we havent had any news on that since last year.

  5. Hopefully GTA5… I feel it’s too little too late if it’s PS3 DLC that has been released on 360 for months. Rockstar sharted on us PS3 folks with their exclusive DLC. I certainly WOULD NOT buy any GTA4 DLC that is not brand new.

  6. ps3 is NOT getting any dlc for gta iv.
    Rockstar made a deal with Sony to make a ps3 exclusive BECAUSE of the exclusive dlc to xbox
    im hyped for agent