New Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Video Boasts Four Player Co-op

Dragon RisingA new video for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising has emerged, showcasing the four-man co-op gameplay.

Once you’ve completed a mission in single-player,  you and three of your best friends (probably best to take only two, and then someone else you can blame all the deaths on) can suit up, join arms and take to the battlefield in online co-operative mode.

There are various elements like checkpoints and a 275 meter teather to keep player together and enforce teamwork, and while it isn’t drop in-drop out (if a player leaves, he is replaced by AI until the mission ends).

You’ll have all the features of the single player game at your disposal – fight over the positions of medic, riflemen, anti-tank specialists and more in the massive island of Skira, playing with all the various vehicles and weapons, and having some good times.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and availible on October 6th (US) and October the 9th (UK).

A new trailer is after the jump.