God of War Collection Not Heading To Europe

god of war collection

Live in the EU? Well, this God of War announcement will be of particular interest. As many of you no doubt know, SCEA announced that God of War I and II are being remastered (720p, anti-aliasing and trophies all part of it) and are going to be released on the PS3 in the God of War Collection. Fantastic news you may have thought! And you’re right… if you’re a citizen of the United States.

Today SCEE confirmed to VG247 that it won’t be released in the EU this year

“We are currently looking into options to bring God of War I and II to SCEE consumers on PS3; however it will not be possible to release the games this calendar year. We will provide further information in due course.”

The game will be released sometime in the run-up to Christmas. Just remember, pretty much all bar one game for PS3 is region-free, so if you fancy it you can import the God of War Collection from the States.