Kojima: Rising and Peace Walker Teams Dont Get Along

Rising 2Fisticuffs at the ready.

Hideo Kojima has revealed that teams behind Metal Gear Solid: Rising and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker don’t get along too well.

Why? We’ll let Koj explain from here:

“The reason why I say they are not good friends is because the PSP is working day and night to make it even better than MGS4, but of course they can’t do it because of a lot of restrictions. On the other hand, the Rising team is using loads of money and loads of capacity and hardware specs. If you could imagine the PSP team looking at the Rising team saying, they have all the money and specs. That’s the one reason why they are not good friends.”

Well, we are creating a trailer for PSP like crazy. We give our best and think we did great, it looks great. But when we look at the Rising team we say, should we really keep creating PSP? Because the Rising graphics are so high quality.”

Oh dear.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is out next year for the PSP. Metal Gear Solid: Rising was announced at E3 at the Microsoft press conference as an Xbox 360 game, but was later confirmed to be coming to PlayStation 3. No new info on the game will be coming until E3 2010.

Thanks, GamePro.