Need For Speed: Shift Trailer Looks Fast, Beautiful

NFS Shift

But then again, don’t all racers? It seems any driving game worth it’s salt has flashy bodywork and sun-lit tarmac, but Shift is striking quite a fine balance between realism and arcade-style play.

One other thing to note is how…good it looks. Not graphics-wise (those too), but it really does need reminding that this is a NEED FOR SPEED game. The same series that brought you this. From some cool cop chases and dreadful gameplay, Shift really deserves kudon for doing something new with the seires, instead of sticking to it’s rusty guns and making some quick cash – the cockpit-only view and minimal HUD will really add to the awesome.

I suppose it’s time for us to…‘Shift‘ up our expectations! Getddit? Geddit? Oh, shut up.

Thanks, GameTrailers.