Playr Returns To UK Screens


After being off air for the last few months, Playr is returning to our screens as of today on Film 24.

Playr released a PR about their return

“A big hello to anyone that’s still out there. Congratulations on your stamina. Yes, reports of our death have been greatly exagerated. Though we haven’t been on screens in the UK, we have continued as usual elsewhere in the world. And no we haven’t rebranded. So any other video game programmes you may have had the misfortune to endure recently are nothing to do with us, guv, honest!

But here’s a little bit of news. We will be returning to UK screens very, very soon on a new home. Check back in a few days for full details. Oh, and nice to see you again! You can sleep easily once more knowing that all is right in the world again! ”

Playr will be shown on Film 24 (Sky Channel 157) at the following times:

  • Saturday at 18.00pm
  • Sunday at 12.00pm
  • Monday at 18.00pm

Thanks, Ve3tro