Uncharted 2 Trophy List Revealed


And it’s seems…quite simple.

There are 48 trophies in all, with 36 bronze, 8 silver, 3 gold, and the all important Platinum. However, scroll through them and you’ll find that, actually, they’re all pretty basic. Find X number of treasures, or kill X number of baddies with X gun, and so on. No cryptic puzzle in the trophy closet then, but judging by this Train Level, the game should be anything but simple.

Game’s out 13th October in the US.

Thanks, PS3 Trophies.

One Response to “Uncharted 2 Trophy List Revealed”

  1. I’m hoping the Platinum is as achievable on this iteration as it was the first. Having said that, I can’t be bothered to finish my second playthrough of the first.