PSM3 Gives Uncharted 2…21/20?

Uncharted 2

And here we were, thinking that was mathematically impossible…

Turns out, in a very shaky photo (We think we see a PS3 Slim in the background…), that the French version of magazine PSM3 gives Uncharted 2 a score of…21/20. Which is 1 above perfect. Uncharted 2 is MORE THAN PERFECT.

Quote from the mg: ‘”Long, visuallya stunning, deep and explosive, Uncharted 2 combines all the qualities you can find in a videogame, and more! A new milestone has been reached in the videogame history.”‘

Weren’t excited for the game? You will be now. 17th October is when you’ll see…Scan after the jump.

13 Responses to “PSM3 Gives Uncharted 2…21/20?”

  1. Did they seriously give Uncharted 2 a higher than perfect score or am I reading this backwards by chance? No seriously, this is confusing the hell outta me. O_o

  2. obviously this one goes to eleven!

  3. i hate fan boys Says:

    no game is perfect and no game ever will be, gta is close to perfect and this is PSM3 after all who always overate PS3 Exclusives just like killzone 2

  4. i hate "i hate fan boys" nicks Says:

    oh how i hate double standards ^^

  5. @i hate fanboys
    are you stupid?
    they rated inFAMOUS in the 70′s range

  6. i hate "i hate 'i hate fan boys'" Says:

    Hmmm, this is interesting. A 21/20. Looks like it will be a good game, but I’d rather wait to see what the other reviews say (I’m getting it regardless, however).

  7. UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves deserves it the is fantastic i play the beta it was jaw dropping a must have. The online was fucking addictive and really fun. This game is perfect. Single Player campaign plus Cop-Op and Competitive is just like Resistance 3 game built-in all in one package. Naughty Dog has always deliver awesome exclusives. All review would just like this over the top awesomeness. Go buy this and get ready to fight online.

    My PSN ID: Ivan-

  8. No game deserves full marks, i seriously doubt it’s better than perfect, to recieve a score liek that it would have to be somthing everyone and ther dog would be q’ing up to buy from day one, and completely redefine the genre. The same was said about the original, and that was mediocre at it’s best. No game should have full marks let alone better than perfect marks, if they had said 20/20 fari enough, just more over hyped garbage, this score means it has no credibility as a review source, it’s a complete joke.

  9. If uncharted 2 is good, I might buy a PS3 slim with uncharted 1.. and.. any other game? and please no killzone

  10. I was beta tester and I just have one word to describe this game:


    Uncharted 2 = GOTY 2009