New Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Multiplayer Video, Screens And Info On Demo

Dragon Rising

Got a little blowout for y’all…

It kicks off with a brand new Multiplayer video, showing off some of the PvP action. On consoles, the deathmatch mode of ‘Annialation’ pits 4 players on each team, with each player ordering 3 AI soldiers around. The second, Infiltration, sees 10 USMC trying to break in a steal an objective in a base, defended by 22 PLA guards (including AI). It. Looks. Stunning.

The second little thing is four new screenshots from a video coming out tomorrow. They. Look. Stunning.

And the third? No pre-release demo, it seems. We’re still trying to get Codemasters to talk to us, but it seems for both consoles and PC, there’s a Single Player and Co-op demo after release, to ‘put 100% focus on the game’. Bummer.

Game’s out on the 9th October, all the goodies after the jump.