Uncharted 2 Review Score Average? Above Perfect.

Uncharted 2

We know. It’s awesome.

Here’s a quick round-up of all the Uncharted 2 Reviews we’ve found:

Official Playstation Magazine US: 10/10

Gamesradar: 10/10

French Gamerzine’ Gameblog’: 5/5

PSM3 (French): 21/20

You do the maths. We’ll, we’ve got a calculator, so let me do it; at this point in time, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has an average review score of 101.25/100. That’s 1.25 more than is mathematically possible, and the highest rated game of all time. Will the scores stay that high? Looking at the videos, we’ll bet our houses yes.

Game’s out on the 16th October.

9 Responses to “Uncharted 2 Review Score Average? Above Perfect.”

  1. Its the first game to score that high
    but its not the last PS3 game to have
    a score above perfect.

    Ps: i know there Will be some xbot troll
    so in case your read this news
    your x-box-of-shit Will be dead soon
    the sales Will be like the japaenise one very soon:D

  2. Hate to be “that guy” but if you average those you get 101.25. 105 is what PSM3 gave it. But yeah, ATM, its better than perfect but just watch Eurogamer give it a 7!

  3. Says PS3rule about fanboyism and trolls .
    nuff said

  4. Couple problems…
    1) Anyone that rates a game over 100% automatically looses credibility because it’s not possible to have a valid rating like that. /fail

    2) Your calculator is broken :) /fail

    3) @ PS3rule, why did you have to dirty an ever so close to mediocre post with comments bashing on xbox, when this article clearly has nothing to do with the xbox… /fail

    Other than that, it’s great to see some nice reviews, hopefully we can see some really credible ones soon though.

  5. But remember that there is a lot of XBOT sites out there, I expect an 8 from Eurogamer, a 7.5 from Edge, an 8.7 from CVG, a 8 from Variety, a 3/5 from Maxim. Its sad, because such work of art is always stained by bullshit sites, with no credibility and ESPECIALLY no real reason as to why exactly they give a game a low score. They’ll praise the game, but score it low, just to make sure XBOTS dont cry.

  6. Will Swarbrick Says:

    Yeah, my calculator was a bit hard to work =P

  7. Now hopefully this can have the highest metascore this gen.

  8. Am a fanboy and proud to be on the winning side
    sorry chad if for you a good uncharted review would be
    a 7 or 8 you are yourself a Xbox fanboy ….
    But on the loser side;)

  9. Little Stevie Vai Says:

    The Metacritic score will head for the low 90s just as soon as they add the 7/10 or 8/10 scores Edge and Eurogamer will come up with.

    As inevitable as the sun rising in the east tomorrow.