RUMOR: SEGA Fuck-Up Brings Back PS3 BC


Of the biggest scale.

SEGA’s leaked what looks like a a massive list, which contains notes of a possible PS2 backwards compatibillty for selling all titles like Vice City and Sonic, which were mentioned in the notes.

As well as that, SEGA are also providing SCEA with a list of titles from the Dreamcast era with Sony pointing out the ones they want as exclusive. Jet Set Radio, the last good Sonics and Shenume maybe coming to a PS3 near you soon.

Also mention is a special import area, which could see Yakuza 3 go on sales in the store somehow as the game is mentioned in the notes alongside the store.

And finally, to add the cherry onto the cake, they also confirm that the PlayStation Motion Controller will be released in Spring 2010, which was already known about as SCEI president Kaz Hirai confirmed it at GC. But the notes mentioned a March release in Japan anyways.

We’re not going to hit the list after the jump. We dont want a Chinese burn on our wrist, so GAF it is then.

We’ll try and email SEGA and SCEA about this tomorrow.