Check Your E-Mails: MAG Beta Keys Sent Out


Like that excited kid on Christmas, if you’re one of the 11,000 in the UK still to get your MAG Beta Code, check your inbox. There should be a little surprise waiting for you…

You can pump it into your system, but you’ll have to spend a good 7 hours downloading some updates, so don’t get too giddy.

Johnny’s on his way now to talk to Ed Byrne of Zipper with your questions on MAG. Read more info here.

4 Responses to “Check Your E-Mails: MAG Beta Keys Sent Out”

  1. “Check Your E-Mails; MAG Beta Keys Sent Out” Thx :P

  2. EDDIE E CRUZ Says:


  3. Hey if anyone gets a spare than i would love to play cause i have loads of free time to kill ( when the servers are open) please if someone has one add Richy62 and send me one Thanks in advance for anyone who gives me one

  4. yeah i need one to please add gatopardos_gr and give me a spare code if you have