Top 14: Games Missing In Action

Driver 5

Wallet stretched? Money getting tight? Is it hard to keep up with all the amazing games coming out over the next few months, let alone year? If the answer is yes, then look away now. We’ve scoured every inch of the ‘Game Achives’ (A small building in East Slough) for these titles that have been rather quiet for a while…Too quiet. Clean your rose-tinted glasses and practice your ‘Ohh, I remember that one!’ voice, because some of these are very good at staying unnoticed…

I Am Alive

I Am Alive

Probably the most obvious on our list. I Am Legend – Sorry, I Am Alive – made a big splash when it was revealed at E3 ’08 (By ‘Big Splash’, we mean mass spam comments of ‘Eww, Ubisoft!’), but little was known about it other than a massive earthquake hits Chicago, civilisation crashes, guns get involved. There’s a trickle of information; Adam Collins has to survive 9 days in the wreckage of the city, looking for water and his girlfriend Alice. We’ll take the water first. Set for a 2010 release.

L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire

‘Soon to be finished’, eh? We’ve heard that before. Rockstar’s crime solving, open world, uber stylish thrid person adventure pits you in 1940′s Los Angeles, solving all the crimes that happened in that era (all of them, ever) accompanied by harsh lighting, a black and white scheme and jazz soundtrack. Imagine your last life on Left 4 Dead trying to figure out who took your pipe bomb. Unconfirmed 2010 release.

Far Cry 3


Far Cry 2 split opinion. Many critics thought is was superb, and usually gave it 9s or above. For others, like myself…Hate doesn’t quite cover it. It was possibly the most disappointing game of ’08; just one more reason to make a sequel! Patrick Redding said “There are still things we want to do with the African setting, and I think it’s safe to say we’ll continue to explore it”, which means sooner or later, we’ll have another chance to buggy around the sand dunes. Later, rather than sooner, please. We probably won’t see it for another few years.

Eight Days

8 days

This is an odd one. Along with the The Getaway 3, this was cancelled all the way back in June ’08. Unlike The Getaway 3, screenshots and tech demos of Eight Days have recently surfaced, leading to much hushed speculation that the game will be revived. It first broke cover in E3 ’06, with a CGI Trailer that made it look like actual gameplay. However, if the tech demos are to be believed, it really did look good, and incredibly smooth. A shame, then, but you can always hope…

Fallout : New Vegas


Developed by Obsidian, who made the first few Fallout games, this RPG was announced recently, probably to shut up all the fools screaming ‘Bethesda done murdered it!’. While it won’t be a sequel to Fallout 3, New Vegas is set in some kind of New Vegas (maybe), and will feature ‘the game role-playing elements seen in Fallout 3′; hopefully not with the same game-freezing bugs and poor graphics (but keep the awesome gameplay, please), though rumors suggest it will use the same engine. No new information beyond that, which is surprising, seeing as it’s slated for a 2010 release.



Here’s what we know about Hei$t; The game will be set in 1969 San Fransisco, where the players will control a group of criminals as they perform various thefts. A handful of screenshots don’t really help paint the picture, despite the early 2010 release, but it’s set in 1969 and published by Codemasters. Keep an eye on it.

Timesplitters 4

Timesplitters 4

Think about it. Haze wasn’t THAT bad. It was poor, but not sickeningly so.  But be reminded of the fact it single-handedly shut down Free Radical, however, and you might just have that little bit of sick involuntarily come back in your mouth (Don’t swallow, it tastes horrible). Timesplitters 4 was lost forever. Only, it wasn’t; Crytek (technically bigger than Jesus) swooped in to rescue the game. The game is ‘on hold’ because Crytek want to see the industry demand for it, but it won’t be too long, that’s for sure.

Medal Of Honour

Medal of Honor

Say whaa? No, bear with me; now Call Of Duty has moved in the realm of Modern Warfare, and Brothers In Arms focusing on thrid-person strategy, the time is nigh for a new Medal Of Honour to swipe the throne. Officially announced in development in August this year, but there’s been no news after that. Wanna see what GOONL!NE wants from the next installment? Heads on over to the What We Want From… article.

Deadpool Game


A what who? Apparently, Deadpool is a member of the Marvel gang, and his superpower is…disfigurement. He’s a villan (aren’t they all?), and his full-body lycra and loud mouth make him totally forgettable to all but Raven Software, who did the Wolverine game; “We’re huge fans of Deadpool. When we made X-Men 2, we made sure to put Deadpool in there and give him plenty of little Easter eggs and conversations. We love the character. His smartass attitude. So that’d be the guy we’d probably go after”. Really now? No info of any kind, but that’s probably a good thing…

Redwood Falls

Redwood Falls

Here’s some . Apart from the dreadful ‘moster’, it looks pretty promising, right? Well, it’s been cancelled. Boo hoo. Case closed. Only; wait a second – do I see a very similar looking game on the PS3 Motion Controller Video? Right there, at 1:21. It looks almost exactly like Redwood Falls. No official word, of course, but our bet? Redwood Falls is an FPS Survival Horror game for the PS3 ‘Wand’. You heard it here first…

Driver 5

Driver 5

Ahh, this one. I loved Driver 1. Driver 2 was ok. Driv3r was…I loved Driver 1. It was so awesome. There’s literally no way to explain it; it reaches a place in my mind so deep in happiness and nostalgia I get a funny felling in my knees. So when ShopTo and Game start taking pre-orders for the fifth iteration, it gets a bit wierd. The only piece of information released is this Artwork, and beautiful as it is, we want more. Hopefully we’ll some more stuff in ’10.



I’m quite sad about this one. Sure, at first, it looked pretty mediocre, but when you learn more; dynamic, free-flowing water that you use as a puzzle solving and enemy killing tool while stuck on a sinking ship, it’s disappointing that it missed the March ’09 release. It looks like it could be quite a catch (fishing joke high five!), and we really hope it gets some coverage in 2010. Oh, but you, the main character, have hydrophobia. Spending half the game quivering the corner doesn’t sound as appealing…

Juiced 3


Remember the Juiced series? Despite being the ‘smaller brother’ to DiRT and Need For Speed, it was by all standards, a good game. It also sold pretty well, being close to the PS3 launch. So, Jucied 3? Well, Juice Games posted an ad on their website for an ‘unannounced arcade racing game’ a few months ago, and it does seem likely, but for now you’ll have to sit down and play the good-looking, brilliantly playable DiRT 2 and NFS: Shift. How unfortunate.

2 Days to Vegas

2 days to vegas

Vinny, brother of Tony, has to help the T-Dawg, who’s all the way in Las Vegas. Taking place over a 48-hour period, you have to get to Las Vegas, stopping along the way at New York and other major cities. It’s still unclear on what you actually do, and while some poor screenshots and tech demos exist, they’re very old. Still TBA release date, but we need to actually see what goes on, because a road-trip game doesn’t sound too fun.

Bonus Round:

Game Most Certainly In Action: Gran Turismo 5


“Want some screenshots with your chips, sir?” It seems screens and videos of the racer are EVERYWHERE, despite a 2010 release. Not that that’s a bad thing, but a least save some for the game…

So, we’ve cleaned out all the cobwebs from your gaming mind. Or have we? If there’s a game you haven’t heard of in a while, tell us in the comments section. Stay tuned to GOONL!NE for more awesomeness. Or we’ll find you.