MAG Beta Key Competition Winner Announced


Yep, the winner to our MAG competition is Markus Walenta. A huge thanks to all those people who entered, but without further ado, here’s Markus’s P.M.C, warts ‘n all after the jump.

Background information:

Well as MAG plays in the year 2025 things changed in central Europe over the time. 2012 Austria and Germany decide to stop the compulsory military service and only to have a bunch of well paid and trained soldiers for whom the army is the main profession. They do so because they start thinking that a big army is not as necessary anymore and that they only need elite soldiers for the special operations.

In 2015 there is a big economic wonder and the German government decides to privatise their army, because of financial reasons. Austria is still strongly related to Germany and most of the things that happen there, happen in Austria as well, so about one year later Austria also privatise the army.

At first both (the Austrian and the German) Armies are controlled by different companies, but the company that bought the Austrian army went bankrupt and the company which owns the German army also buys the Austrian one. The name of the company is FRM, which is secretly controlled by the FreiMaurer (freemasons) and who try to infiltrate all big companies in Austria and Germany to control both countries and in the future the whole world and to spread out their ideology.

Logos and Symbols

The symbol of the FRM P.M.C will be the typical freemasons logo as seen Here


The army is equipped with the typical Austrian/German army weapons, which are for example for the Austrian part of the FRM the STG77, Glock 17, Stg58, STEYR SSG 69 (sniper rifle), MG74, FFV Carl Gustaf (anti panzer) and many others, the cloths will keep the typical German camouflage style, just with the new symbol.

Special ability

Such as all the other P.M.Cs the FRM has a special ability. They are specially trained for mountain fights. Which means they feel well when there is snow and they have to climb to high sniping positions, they can ski perfectly so that they can escape the enemy after for example the usage of a dynamite to create an avalanche. They can climb perfectly to get an advantage, building emplacements in the rocks and survive there. They also adept their tactics to their special ability, one tactic is that they destroy normal ways, briges, roads so that they force the enemy to use a way over mountains (for example the alps) where they have no chances as they are not that trained in mountain fights.

Don’t forget to catch our hands-on with MAG here.

3 Responses to “MAG Beta Key Competition Winner Announced”

  1. Markus Walenta Says:

    Hey, I wanna thank you very much for the beta key, already downloaded it and cant w8 to play it :)

    Thx for picking my P.M.C

    1 lil question: how long will I be able to play the beta? I mean until which date?



  2. Luke Evans Says:

    ends on 8th november. And great PMC m8 :P