Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – Connections Problems Being ‘Looked In To’

Dragon Rising

We just can’t seem to leave the game alone.

Seems that many people struggle to find games online. Wait, scrap that; No-one can get online. The server problem with Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is, at the moment, dire. But worry no more; Codemasters are looking into the issue! Here’s a snippet of their statement after the jump.

We have been in constant communications with Quazal on this matter regarding the problems on PS3 and PC, however today has been a national holiday for them over there which has affected our ability to get to the bottom of some of these issues.
However the situation does appear to be getting better, and we can see numerous players playing the game right now online with numbers increasing by the hour.
Regarding Xbox360, there still appears to be sporadic occurrences of players not being able to find games, particularly on Co-op, our QA team are currently investigating this and are in comms with Microsoft.

With no dedicated servers, many gamers find themselves at the mercy of off-the-scale lag in games, but hopefully Codies can put right their wrongs. More information inbound tomorrow.

The whole statement can be found HERE.
Until then, have an incredibly beautiful screenshot to tide you over:


15 Responses to “Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising – Connections Problems Being ‘Looked In To’”

  1. Got this game on day of release – went online straight away with no problems whatsoever. Found games every time

  2. chrisdarkshadow Says:

    can’t get any games and when i do find game can’t connect with the host i really liked the game and inteaded on buying it but this server problem puts alot of ?’s about buying it maybe i did good buy just renting this

  3. Just bought this game loved it..but after 2 days i can no longer play on any server,yet each server displays 1 person per server i still can’t seem to join them lol..hope this issue gets fixed/patched sometime soon

  4. its a great game but i hope they fix the problems soon

  5. ValleyBoy1974 Says:

    Got this game 1 full day before general release thanks to http://www.game.co.uk preorder, its now been 5 whole days and I’ve only managed to get online once :-(

    Please, please sort this out asap!!

  6. mint game but pisses me off when ya carnt connect to online server

  7. Same here got the game the first day it came out worked fine online… then the day after it all went horribly wrong IE… the crappy msg
    cant connect to online servers…… yer it sux big time thanks for the server support 8)

  8. fs i i buyd the game 12 oktober and i whas playing it now 13 oktober first time, and it dont work :SS:S:S:S::S:S i wanna play online fucking hell, xD but yeye i play for my self to it open i hop!!! ^^)

  9. BUT hey guys if you play it on pc, can you add me on steam? so you can say when the game is ready? maybe we can be friends to :P

    if you want to add me the account name is saxi740

    okey bye d:D

  10. Wanted to co-op with my buddy. This was my entire purpose of getting the game. Connection issues over and over again. Must be outsourcing all their coding to India as this is a Hindu holiday. Screw a game this buggy. THQ and Activision games seem to work right off the bat .. codemasters must have outsourced their QA to India too! You get what you pay for. Been waiting for this game for 7 years now and what a disapointment.

  11. *Epic Fail* Would not have bought it If I knew there would be no dedicated servers. *Waits for modern warfare 2 while flipping of codemasters*

  12. Dont know what is wrong, but fix it already. i have been waiting for this fgame for a long time and now that i have it i wish i never did. There is no only play what so ever. I have tried to change my dns my servers my everything and still no luck to save my painfully wait to share some combat with my fellow commrades. This is NOT THE BUSUNESS!!! Thanx

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  14. we have encountered a huge problem completing coop missions…we get to the end of the mission and the damn thing looses server connection or the game glitches…I would be ranked higher if this did not occur…and if someone is screwing with players (i.e. a damn hacker, which is suspect) then they should not be allowed to play and the sabotaging should be stopped…it immature and rediculous to encounter when we are playing for fun to progress…not to be messed up by idiots who want to be a pain in the neck! FP server needs to be fixed as this is half of the games appeal…without the online play this game is somewhat disappointing.

  15. Alpha Charlie Echo Says:

    Have they STILL not fixed this problem? Then again it has only been what?… FIVE MONTHS!!!