DiRT 2: ‘Unlock’ DLC Out Now

dirt 2 asset

We understand.

Your other half is screaming at you to wash up, your boss has given you a weeks worth of work, and life just seems too busy to cram in the time and effort DiRT 2 deserves.

Or your just lazy. Either way, good news. Codemasters have just released some new DLC, that unlocks all the things you couldn’t bother to get yourself. See what they unlock after the jump.

Trust Fund Pack – 400 MS Points
Instantly unlock 25 best-in-class World Tour vehicles, plus ten Easter egg secret vehicles, 93 liveries and every available upgrade at pro and all star level.

Access All Areas Pack – 400 MS Points
Unlock all 41 tracks playing host to 100 events. This includes entry into exclusive X-Games events in LA, London and Tokyo.

No doubt it’ll end up on the PSN Store on Thursday.