Left 4 Dead Achievements Revealed, Confirms Campaigns

Left 4 Dead 2

All 50 of the Xbox 360 Achievements have been released, and they look as hard as ever.

They all add up to 1000 points, and confirm that the rumored last two campaigns that were leaked a week ago are, indeed, true. You’ll be slicing through zombies in Dead Center (Dead Rising, anyone?), and battling forces natural (and unnatural, obviously) in Hard Rain.

The achievements that really catch our eye are the ‘Prove you are faster/stronger than Moustachio’ ones. Obviously set in the Dark Carnival campaign, we can only guess what it entails; probably using a melee weapon to compete in one of those Whack-A-Mole and Strength Tester attractions. Then killing some zombies. Duh.

All the Achievements can be found HERE