New Info for Ballad of Gay Tony Talks About Nightlife

Ballad of Gay TonyRockstar’s detailed how nightlife will work in Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Everything from managing the nightclubs, to champaigne drinking contests.

Everything is detailed down to the bone after the jump.

We’ll have a new trailer for the game in an hour at 6pm BST.

Gay Tony is out on October 29th for Xbox 360.

  • Luis will deal with business in Maionette9. Everything from dealing with drug dealers and perverts to resisting the urges of co-worker Joni and doorman Dessie.
  • And in Hercules, the other nightclub, he’ll see if celebrities are content with enough drugs, to helping other celebs avoid the paparazzi.
  • There will be a dancing min-game in Gay Tony. The club can either join in a bus stop or in unison. If Luis impresses a girl, she’ll lead him into the toilets for *squankee, squankee*
  • Luis can do booty calls. He takes a number, rings up, goes round to the girls apartment and action is commenced.
  • There will be a shots mini-game. Beware though: if Luis takes too many shots, he’ll black out and end up somewhere random.
  • And as well as shots, there is champaigne contests. Although if Luis drniks too much of it, he’ll end up being sick and/or blacking out.