Splinter Cell: Conviction – Flexible Interrogations Video

Splinter Cell Conviction 2

There’s a new video for Sam Fisher, and it’s wonderful.

The video shows Sam using the Mark and Execute mechanic, Sonar Goggles, interrogations (Which look incredibly fluid and utterly stunning), as well as the return of the Sticky Cam, which now seems to pack a miniature WMD inside.

Frankly, there’s nothing we can say to do the video justice. You’ll just have to gawk at it yourself. The game’s out on Xbox 360 on the 23rd of February, all the way in 2010.

One Response to “Splinter Cell: Conviction – Flexible Interrogations Video”

  1. This game is going to be so awesome. It’s like 24, the Bourne Series and Taken all rolled into one gigantically awesome no-holes-barred super action spy game.