First Info On Epic Mickey Revealed

epic mickey

For the last number of weeks, Game Informer have been hyping up Epic Mickey, and the latest issue features a major feature on it. There is the first look at some in-game screenshots, artwork, a redesign of Mickey along with other characters too.

Epic Mickey is set to launch on the Wii in Autumn 2010.

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Thanks to GoNintendo.

- Mickey’s appearance is much, much closer to his original debut style
- Disney was the one to approach Spector
- Spector originally was against the idea of creating a Mickey game, because he said that he didn’t do kids games
- Spector changed his mind when Disney said that they were looking for someone to ‘reinvigorate’ Mickey
- Disney had to get back the rights to Oswald before he could be used in this game
- the sorcerer Yensid creates a pen-and-paper world for his forgotten creations, which is where Oswald lives
- this world is similar to Walt Disney World
- Mickey enters this world through a magic mirror, and accidentally spills paint and paint thinner on the drawing of this world. Mickey escapes before Yensid finds out.
- The spill that Mickey caused ends up turning the drawing into a twisted version of what was originally created.
- the Phantom Blot ends up taking over this world
- many years later, after Mickey becomes successful, he re-enters the mirror and sees what has happened to the world. The Phantom Blot drags Mickey into the world, which is where your adventure begins
- use the Wiimote to paint in buildings, platforms and more
- swipe away enemies with the Wiimote when using paint thinner
- create/destroy the world as you go along
- Junction Point took hundreds of photos while at Disney World in order to capture the essence of the park, and translate ideas into the game
- play the game as you like, either destroying everything in sight, or taking the hero’s route. It’s completely up to you, and you can mix-and-match play styles
- Gremlin Village is reminiscent of ‘It’s a Small World’
- Mickey’s appearance and stance will change based on the way you play the game
- trade some items for health
- Pete returns, and at one point attacks you with a huge zepplin
- Donald Duck animatronic pieces are scattered throughout one portion of the game. Collect them to put him back together.
- Spector wants this game to scare kids, in some ways
- the game will also have funny parts
- Spector calls the game world’s visuals ‘the bastard child of Tim Burton and Disney’
- elements of platforming, exploration and role-playing
- go into the inner-workings of some levels and rides
- visit the gears and mechanics underneath the ‘It’s a Small World’ ride, complete with an eerie re-imagining of the music
- enter movie screens to move from in-game island to island
- movie screen transitions put you into a 2d world, where you’ll revisit some of Mickey’s old cartoons
- find sketches, and bring them to life with your paintbrush
- sketches can be activated to give you new powers (clock sketch to slow time, TV sketch to distract enemies, and more)
- collect ‘E-Tickets’ to enter rides, and use as a form of currency to buy power-ups
- Jim Dooley ‘Pushing Daises’ is doing the soundtrack

Warren Spector on Mickey

“I want him to be a hero…and I want to remind him that it’s okay to behave badly.”

Warren on Oswald

“All he really wants is to be loved by Walt Disney. In the end, the Blot won the war and pushed Oswald into hiding and exile.”

Warren on the Gremlins

“The Gremlins are the only forces of good in the world that can continue to fight against the Blot.

Warren on the Bunny Kids

“These are going to be the breakout stars of the game. Mark my words.”

Warren on the Buddies (Donald, Goofy, ect.)

“Oswald is trying to recreate Mickey’s life, so he has the Mad Doctor build these animatronic versions of his buddies.”

Warren on the Mad Doctor

“He’s from an early 30′s cartoon that is pretty swell.”

Warren on the Phantom Blot

“The Phantom Blot has been a consistent villain since 1939. He’s just been lame.”

Warren on the Blotlings

“They’re the popcorn unit. You need something that the player can just swat away. They’re supposed to be funny, silly and stupid.”

Warren on the Beetleworx

“In order to deal with these guys, you have to erase their painted bits to get to the vulnerable inert spots underneath.”