RUMOR: Modern Warfare 2 Features International Space Station

Modern Warfare 2

has just shed light on what could be a very interesting development. On the Call Of Duty Wiki page, under ‘Levels’, it lists the International Space Station.

“International Space Station – During E3 2009 Build some press members saw a level named “International Space Station”, but Robert Bowling didn’t want to show this level (when asked to show this level he reportedly stated “Ah you saw this…” and played a different level instead).”

Does this mean you’ll be shot into orbit to the ISS and take down some baddies there? We wouldn’t put it past Infinity Ward…

4 Responses to “RUMOR: Modern Warfare 2 Features International Space Station”

  1. that would be awesome

  2. It worked in Killzone but Killzone doesn’t have nearly the same atmosphere as Modern Warfare.

  3. i saw this in the leaked footage and its like your on the ISS for like a minute and you see a nuke on te horizon going towards DC and then it blows up and destroys the ISS
    its really a WTF moment cause your there and then your dead and 200 Billion dollars were just blow up

  4. Dear Friends, Happy late hallowen(: !!