SEGA on Yakuza 3 Western Release: “No comment”

Yakuza 3

SEGA Europe has given GOONL!NE a “no comment” on whenever a Western release of Yakuza 3 will happen.

It comes as last week, a NeoGAFer said the publisher will finally release the game in the West, despite saying previously there were no plans to do so.

“No comment from [SEGA]“, said a PR from the company.

There might be hope just yet.

3 Responses to “SEGA on Yakuza 3 Western Release: “No comment””

  1. I thought they already had a publisher to publish the western release of the game?.. I’ll pick up Yakuza 1 and 2, as soon as i get confirmation of a Westward release of Yakuza 3 and 4 (and Kenzan would be nice) No since in starting a story [or series] that i can’t finish. I’m sure if Yakuza sees success in the states itll force Yakuza 4 right on over..which would be 2 more HUGE exclusives for the PS3… provided Sega stopped hyping the Spikey Blue Bombsell and started hyping its new[er] IPs. Sonic belongs in a retirement home, alongside Mario, Kirby and Pacman.

  2. Cloudberry Says:


    JUST SAY YES / NO!!! >: (

  3. lol, their yes/no answers are like running for the president. But it would mostly be best to sell the Yakuza3 and Kenzan in US, if possible. Since, US is becoming more Otaku than ever, sale could increase compared to the other past releases.