BASE Jumping In The Ballad of Gay Tony Detailed

ballad of gay tony

Following on from the new trailer we posted yesterday from The Ballad of Gay Tony, we’ve a massive info blow-out about the BASE jumping mode from it. BASE jumping features in the single player campaign in BoGT as well as online multiplayer.

BASE jumping is relatively straight forward to get into, you enter ‘Free Mode’ online already with a parachute in your inventory. Throughout Liberty City, there are nine locations from which you can jump. To engage the jump, all you have to do is approach the marker and hit RB. This will transport you (and anyone who is with you) right up to the top of the building, so you can either jump solo or as a team.

When you’re at the top, you simply just jump straight off and hit A as you’re falling to open your chute. Your jump will only be counted as being a success if you land on the ground smoothly without falling over. Landing in water, on a car, or flying into the side of a building will result in an unsuccessful jump.

The Rockstar Games Social Club will be used to track your jumps, whether they be solo ones or co-operative ones where you race another player accross Liberty City to get the best time possible. Your co-op partner can work with you too to try go get the quickest time possible. For example, you do the first leg of the jump, and your partner can race to the next point by car/bike/chopper to get to the next jump location.

The Social Club will also record not just your times but stats such as the height when you opened your chute and how long you spend gliding too, so spotting the dare-devils will be pretty easy. Once you’ve done all 9 jumps, your total time will be recorded and can be compared against players across the globe.

It’ll be easy to pick out friends jumping too as there’ll be the ability to deploy a smoke trail behind your character. The smoke is released from a pouch located on your ankle, and will match the colour of your gamertag. Smoke can be deployed from the moment you begin your jump.

For those of you who love a good gory kill, you can use helicopters to take out parachutists by chopping them up with the blades of the chopper. Hard to pull off but great when it’s done. You can also perform stunts with the chute too. For example, you and a friend could grab a bike, find the biggest jump you can in Liberty City and line yourself up at it and drive towards it at full pelt, jumping off and opening your parachute in mid-air, returning safely to the ground.

Parachutists can be killed not only by choppers, but by practically anyone in the game. All you have to do is grab any gun and fire away at them. Note, when using a chute, you can’t shoot, so be careful who you team up with!

Lastly, don’t forget, every heli in The Ballad of Gay Tony comes with parachute, so whether you’re being shot down and need a quick escape, or just feel like bailing out just for the hell of it, you’ll always have a chance of making it back to earth safely.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony is due for release as downloadable content and on disc as part of the Episodes From Liberty City on 29th October on Xbox 360.