‘Into The Pink’ Not Coming To PSN


Speaking exclusively to GOONL!NE, Michal Staniszewski of the demo group Plastic revealed that Into The Pink, the next project by the company, would not be coming to consoles.

Linger In Shadows, by the Polish Plastic, was released on the Playstation Store in October 2008. You may remember it as ‘That weird video with the cat’. A six-minute long video involving a cat, dog, floating mask, smoke monster and an abandoned city could be ‘controlled’ by the viewer at certain points. It was odd, cheap, and very well received.

Their second project, Into The Pink, was revealed on the 14th October 2008 on PC, but little was known about a console release. Plastic told us;

“Unfortunately “Into The Pink” is PC only production. As for our newest productions – we made a a small interactive intro for both “God Of War Collection” and “God Of War 3 demo” that will be available soon. But it’s a smaller caliber production”

So there you have it. No more weirdness on PSN, but at least Kratos will get to enjoy some interactive blood flow.