Is Modern Warfare 2 Out Already?

Modern Warfare 2

We knew this would happen. It seems one lucky PS3 owner has somehow managed to get a copy of the game, and even unlock a trophy for it. The shaky video is after the jump, but be prepared to get jealous…

Thanks to for the video.

12 Responses to “Is Modern Warfare 2 Out Already?”

  1. Hey Guys! I would like to say that the person who posted it. Said to me on msn that ‘I videoed it off someone else’s video, on youtube’.

  2. Lol You removed this right now
    This is FAKE

    Do your research before your claim

  3. No he didnt. I, also a friend of the poster know that he recorded the vid


    Wow!,you know when its close to a launch,someone or more will be playing it before it comes out so chill,they can’t go online with it yet.

  5. Attention seeking… Lame post.

  6. I wouldnt reckon he has it legally tho

  7. Original Video can be found here

  8. stupid article:/

    guy is probably a journalist or he/she has reasons to own it early.

  9. Wow! LoL.


  10. Jim Robins Says:

    omg lol my friend can do this using a transfer cable all he does is take it on the computer uses cod 5 data replaces the pic and name and thats it… then when he goes on his xbox, live detects the game and adds all of the achievments. Then (back on the pc) he can choose how many he wants to unlock. :3

  11. i actually have modern warfare 2 its a great game but this vid is to me seems a bt fishy

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