Mass Effect, Brothers In Arms Heading To The Big Screen?


While doing just another routine check on The Internet Movie Database, we’ve come across two surprising films said to be in development and set for release in 2012.

The first is Brothers In Arms, which could be an obvious step for the tactical WWII shooter from Gearbox. In May 2008, a film version was said to be in talks, but all has been quiet on the Western Front so far. You can colour us excited for the chance to see Matt Baker up on the silver screen.

The second is Mass Effect. There have been several murmurings of Avi Arad buying the rights, but nothing has been heard since. If IMDB, which also has listings for Infamous, God Of War and Gears Of War, is to be believed, both 101st Airborne Division and the Normandy 7 will be rubbing shoulders with the big boys in 2012.

One Response to “Mass Effect, Brothers In Arms Heading To The Big Screen?”

  1. Considering how no one in Hollywood dares to take a chance with movies based on games I really hope nothing happens with this. After seeing film after film go to Uwe Boll, and turn a profit no less, I’d rather just have nothing be made instead. I had some hope after I heard about Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp being involved in Halo but when their collaboration was scrapped I lost interest. Although I think Blomkamp would be great for Mass Effect considering his incredible ability to create realistic special effects.