Stephen Fry To Voice Another Game

stephen fry

After his work on LittleBigPlanet, Steven Fry has announced via his page that he is voicing yet another game.

“Voiced a game character today. Can’t say any more, I’m afraid. NDA and all that. I say, though – isn’t it dark? I mean golly, eh? Sheesh.”

Any ideas as to what it could be?

10 Responses to “Stephen Fry To Voice Another Game”

  1. Will Swarbrick Says:

    Oh, ohh, Little Big Plannet 2!

  2. momshotdad Says:

    how about littlebigplanet on the psp? still a month away from release…

  3. What about that ‘dark’ comment? Dark Void? Dark Sector? Perfect Dark? The Darkness?

  4. Mixamitosis Says:

    Perfect Dark HD!

  5. i reckon castlevania, theres quite a few British actors in that

  6. David Macphail Says:

    Heavy Rain?

  7. alan wake? its always nighttime in that game so its plausible.

  8. Gregormeister Says:

    I think it’s LA Noir, because in recent days there were a lot of voice actors who got a new job with that game. Why not a badass voice like Stephen Fry’s, too?