Grand Theft Auto V Hinted At, Heading to London?


has made an interesting find. On the back of  the Episodes From Liberty City manual, they’ve found this picture:

Well? Our eyes are bloodied and far-sighted; you tell us what you be in the ‘rip’! We should know come March 2010…

After staring at the poster for the best part of an hour though, we’re pretty sure that underneith the ‘rip’ in the corner it says ‘Theatre Seagull’. There’s a Seagull Theatre in London.

One other point of note, noticed the guy down in the bottom left of the pic? Looks a bit like the dude from Monopoly wouldn’t you say?

mono manmonopoly

24 Responses to “Grand Theft Auto V Hinted At, Heading to London?”

  1. bostonsfinests Says:

    boston would be ill. it could either be in present say with the irish mob or set a while back when boston had a huge organized crime syndicate

  2. hopefully if it is London they do a decent job.. i cant imagine they wouldnt do london since after Rockstar took over the franchise they started with London, although Vice City and San Andreas could use an update… Vice City was a combination of Miami, the Keys and Kendal… if they expand it they can use those three cities as well as Boca and maybe even Daytona/Jacksonville.

    If they redo San Andreas they should add more to L.A and Vegas and San Fran.

    Maybe expanmd the L.A river. Add more to the San Fiero landscape, and definatly give Venturas a make over and facelift.

    I think after doing Midnight Club LA and the upcoming LA Noir, Rockstar has the means to expand San Andreas