Bowling: Wii Can’t Deliver the Infinity Ward “cinematic experience”

iwSpeaking to Develop, Infinity Ward’s community manager Rob Bowling has revealed that they havent made games for the Wii because the console can’t deliver the “cinematic experience” that studio brings with their games.

“If we felt like we could deliver the cinematic experience we were going for on other platforms, then we would gladly move to that platform,” said Bowling.

“Right now, we don’t think the Wii can deliver the exact experience that we’re doing. We like to be very equal across all platforms, and if it’s not equal then we won’t do it.”

Bowling also spoke about the two year development cycle the series goes through with IW and World at War developers Treyarch.

“Two years is essential, if not more,” he said.

“We really good at that two-year cycle and we have been using it for a while. That is the amount of time we feel we need to make a game and give it the right amount of polish.  Polish is extremely important to us. We will not commit to a development cycle that has that.”

Modern Warfare 2 is out on Tuesday for PS3 and 360.