Halo: Reach Screens Leaked

Halo Reach

Over at GAF leaked screenshots of Halo: Reach have been posted, and some game play has been detailed too.

Gameplay Details:

New carbine that shoots needles, and explodes when 3 needles are hit.


It is a one shot battle rifle with 12 rounds, pretty powerful and effective long range.


  • New HUD (see photos). In the bottom left, you can see your squad mates health and names.
  • Right above the radar shows what perks you are carrying. When I played there were 3 perks-sprinting, cloaking, and hologram.
  • The sprinting makes you run when you hold LB
  • Cloaking makes you invisible (when you cloak your radar jams and you can’t really hear anything around you).
  • The hologram creates a hologram of you, so enemies will shoot at both.

Check out the screens after the jump! The game is set to launch Autumn 2010.

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