Ubisoft Signs Deal with Sony for Exclusive AC2 Ad Campaign

Assassins Creed 2Ubisoft’s revealed in a financial call to investors that the company has signed a deal with Sony to do an exclusive advertising campaign for Assassin’s Creed II, related to the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guilemot claims the campaign will see more activity “than would have been possible otherwise.”

We have so far seen only one instance of the ad campaign at work in Europe. A teaser ad which aired a couple of weeks back on UK TV, with the PS3 branding, on UK television channel, Five.

Game is out on November 20th for the PS3, as well as the Xbox 360.

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13 Responses to “Ubisoft Signs Deal with Sony for Exclusive AC2 Ad Campaign”

  1. Microsoft has been doing this for years, I’m typing this as the Modern Warfare trailers player (multi-plat) and the L4D2 just played (multi-play pc). All 360 branding. In Sony’s case, they have been stacked with quality exclusives and never had to resort to this technique. I guess they are changing with the times, since they still have the most quality exclusives on any platform.

    I’m getting sick of all these BS trailers from Microsoft. I just saw a “forza” trailer. It so incredibly misleading. They could use real life if they are going to fake it, but they want people to think the 360 is capable of PS3-like graphics. Anyone who has played Forza 3 knows the in-game graphics are pathetic.

  2. I meant “playing” not “player”. lol

  3. Does this mean we’re gonna see Mr. Butler advertise AC2 for PS3? =D

  4. I can definitely see it with Butler talking about PSP-PS3 connectivity and describing the exclusive weapons gained by having both the PSP one and the PS3 one.

  5. thats kinda sad.
    sony supports 3rd party games better than there own.
    for example, i have seen ZERO adds for resistance 2, i have seen roughly 5 adds for infamous, i have seen ZERO adds for uncharted 2, i have seen ZERO adds for ratchet and clank a crack in time.
    yet im constantly seeing adds for 3rd party games like need for speed shift.
    ive seen like 30 NFS shift adds and at the end, ps3 logo and a pic of the new ps3 with the new price.

    what the?
    seriously, sony dont you want your games to sell?

    • Are you kidding me???? You must NEVER watch tv! i have seen adds for uncharted 2 and RC:CiT, Gran Turiamo psp, etc everyday!!

  6. Sony has done enough ads for Uncharted 2 and Resistance 2, they were quite a while on tv everyday!

  7. David Macphail Says:

    LMFAO – to the guy that says he’s seen zero adds on Uncharted 2 – you must not watch TV at all.

    Not only have Sony been playing adds constantly on some of the top channels (Sky Sports, for example) but the run – time’s of the Uncharted 2 adds have been consistently longer than adverts for any other game in recent memory. If you’ve seen zero adds for Uncharted 2 then it’s obvious you don’t even own a TV.

    • no i dont own a tv.
      did you even read my post?
      or are you another person who has selective reading.
      if i dont have a TV, than how can i see 5 adds for infamous since launch and like 30 NFS adds since launch.
      not to mention the 100+ adds ive seen for halo ODST and halo wars.
      O and dont forget the 50+ ive seen for forza 3.

  8. Not to mention the dozens of ratchet and clank “it only does crazy weapons” commercial.

  9. I want more Mr. Butler ads.

  10. lol,.. ” wow nice ad. do you have it on xbox or pc?- cuz i dont have ps3-
    yes? sweet”.

    exclusive adv fails!

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