Beta Code for FFXIV with Copies of FFXIII

Final Fantasy XIIIThe new scans from Shonen Jump has leaked early, but we do get a early look at one it’s games in the mag: Final Fantasy XIII.

The scans show Hope’s summon and what Chocobos look like in this cannon FF, but the big revealation comes at the end of  the article, where it is revealed that a beta code for the beta of Final Fantasy XIV will be included in the game at release on December 17th.

No word yet on the platform, but obviously you have to say it would be the PS3. That said, it would be a contradiction of what Square Enix said before by saying the beta would be a PC only affair.

Get the scans after the jump.

FFXIII is out on Dec. 17, while FFXIV is out on the PS3 from next year.