Wada: We’ll Get FFXIII Out to European Gamers “earlier then imagined”

Final Fantasy XIIISpeaking in an interview with a French gaming publication, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada has given the clearest indication that we’l be seeing Final Fantasy XIII in Europe a lot sooner then previously thought.

“We get our future productions almost simultaneously. However, regarding the games that are being developed and whose output is imminent, I think the delays are already much shorter than before,” said the Square pres.

As for Final Fantasy XIII, at a time when we speak, we have not yet decided on its release date in the world. But I think we can get him out much earlier than imagined by European players.”

Wada also confirmed the game will recieve DLC.

“For Final Fantasy XIII, it will not change much. We always include downloadable content when we make our games.”

And as for the FFVII remake:

“We do not currently carry it out. But our developers dream of doing it. Unfortunately we have no intention of doing so yet.”

There you have it.

A massive Final Fantasy XIII announcement is expected today. What could it be?