CONFIRMED: God Of War Collection Coming to EU 2010, “Not At The Start”

It’s been confirmed that the God Of War Collection, comprising of God Of War 1 & 2, both with graphical updates, will definitely be heading to Europe in 2010,  but not at the start of the year.

Speaking in the latest Official Playstation Magazine Podcast, at the 31:30 minute mark, the team reveal that Kratos will ship overseas in Europe next year.

“It’s definitely coming, it’s definitely coming next year, not in 2009 but 2010 at some point, not in the very beginning.”

The actual date remains a secret. The team also reveal that similar Ico & Shadow Of The Colossus packages may be in the works.

Episode 5 of the OPM Podcast is on iTunes now.

11 Responses to “CONFIRMED: God Of War Collection Coming to EU 2010, “Not At The Start””

  1. I don’t care when it arrives, it’s awesome. The game is as awesome today as it was when it launched on the PS2, it will be just as awesome whenever it arrives in 2010.

    Am I bothered Americans already have it? Nope, as I got plenty of killer PS3 titles to be getting on with.

  2. Seventh Blood Says:

    I just want to know WHY. Where is the damn problem. Someone MUST -at least- tell us WHY we have to wait so much.

    I can wait, I already played both GoW years ago, but Sony HAVE to explain exactly WHY.

    • Porcupine_I Says:

      “I just want to know WHY. Where is the damn problem. Someone MUST -at least- tell us WHY we have to wait so much.”

      i tell you why

      because “Europe” is a thousand different countries, with a million different languages and a billion different laws.

      it is just very complicated to get all those ratings, translations and legal hassle done!

  3. #1 fanbase Europe Says:

    The original games were 18+ and in English anyhow, why localize them for us, why delay them for us, why won’t Sony at least give us a proper releasedate? There’s 2 times the fans overhere, rich mofo’s who were willing 2 pay 600 Euro’s for the damn machine…but all we get is no news, no demo, no gamecollection, nothing. Why?

  4. I bet you the SE will include GoW Collection as well because that was what was supposed to happen any way and because in America they know its cheaper so in Europe it will cost us a lot and will make them a lot! If all I had was a PS3, TV, GoW Collection and GoW III and an unlimited supply of potatoes (in all forms besides boiled and mash) and chicken and bananas. I would be able to live for ever!!!!! I want to play the GoW Collection (I’ve sold my PS2 and all games) again and THEN play GoW III. But MW2, AC2 and Fallout 3 GOTY (they are my Christmas presents :P ) will keep my occupied until then but playing the MAG Beta today I think I will definitely be pre-ordering it!

  5. im from manchester england. I got this from they import to the UK i got it 2 days after it got released in america. if people want this i strongly recommend importing it as its region free

  6. I subbed to the GoW website so I got the demo emailed to me! And I got before all those fucking american hillbilly dumb shits got theirs! But my download took sooooo long by the time I had finished downloading it over a billion american retards posted them playing the demo saying omg this is so good omg im like the only person in the world whos playing this! But I got my code emailed to me a week before they even announced that those dumb fuck americans even announced that they were getting theirs!

    Who agrees that 99% of Americans are RETARDS?

  7. Little Stevie Vai Says:

    The team also reveal that similar Ico & Shadow Of The Colossus packages may be in the works.


  8. 2010!???

    well Sony just lost a nice customer like me, and I’m getting Dante’s Inferno over God Of War 3.

    How da hell am I supposed to know the storyline if I haven’t played God of War 1 & 2!? eh?

  9. so why do we have to wait several months after the US has received it?

    this is EXACTLY! why i got rid of my ps3 today, im sick and tired of sony giving me the finger because of where i live.
    thats fine, sony dont want to bring the games here than i wont buy them simple.
    shame, i was really looking forward to playing around with play TV

  10. David Macphail Says:

    Sony sure have a funny way of treating the tens of millions of customers they have over here. Are we really going to get God Of War 3 BEFORE the God Of War Collection??? That would just be retarded.

    Also, when the hell do they plan on releasing Demon’s Souls over here???