WE CALLED IT: Dead Space 2 Reveal Coming on December 22nd

We called it. Never forget that.

We called it the other day with OPM, but now it’s official: Xbox World 360 has literally blown off the doors to Dead Space 2.

The teaser page of the magazine shows Issac’s suit, a big fat 2 and the quote:

“One of 2010′s Biggest Sequels.”

It really is official then. The only question is will them two get the jump on the reveal, will the VGAs get a tease before then, or will Game Informer get there before both? Only time will tell.

The issue goes on sale on December 22nd.

One Response to “WE CALLED IT: Dead Space 2 Reveal Coming on December 22nd”

  1. Dayum! Officially pumped here! Dead Space is the best survival horror game.