GOONL!NE Exclusive: PixelJunk Shooter – New Screens and Video

We got our hands on Q-Games’  PixelJunk Shooter this week.

Ooh-ah, we see you are green with envy!

So when can you get your hands on the game? Well, we can’t say. Why? Because we don’t know. We asked Sony earlier this week after giving us the game, but they still couldn’t tell us anything.

That said, we reckon it’s pretty close. We’ll have our review of the game going live tomorrow, but until then, see James play poorly rubbish at it with nine new gameplay videos and a shitload of shots, over 30 in fact. Get them after the break.

3 Responses to “GOONL!NE Exclusive: PixelJunk Shooter – New Screens and Video”

  1. Holy AWESOME! It’s amazing just to watch.

    James is very good compared to most of the videos I’ve seen.

  2. Psychonaut Says:

    will this have online co op? this feature would make this a definite buy !