Announcing the Final Fantasy XIII Launch Portal!

By Jonathan Cullen.

Ever since I launched GOONL!NE nearly two years ago, we have covered so many games between it’s reveal and it’s release. And while we may not have been there for it’s intital reveal at E306, the one game we have covered over 200 times, be that in it’s own articles or just mentioned in another article for another, is Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII.

So much so that when it won Our Most Antcipated Title of 2009 earlier in the year, we even gave the game it’s own catagory. And while we did trial doing that with other games in the summer, we scrapped that practise. The only game that still had it’s own catagory at the end of the day was, yup, FFXIII.

I’m grateful that we have covered so many big events around the game since January 2008. From something as little as magazine scans to as big as the gigaton that was the Xbox 360 switch at E308, you can argue we have been there for the game for mostly everything.

Next week, the wait is finally over… but only if:

A) You’re Japanese.
B) You’re fluent in Japanese.

The game finally launches in Japan for the PS3. And is expected to sell by the shitload.

Today, I am formally annoucning a Japanese Launch Portal for the game. Everything you see for the game, past, presemt and future, will be in the portal, which will be in the list to your right. Most importantly of all, the portal will also host our import review of the game. Look out for that sometime before the Western release of March 9th for the PS3 and Xbox 360. We will have something planned for that.

So go to the portal, and read up our stuff on Final Fantasy XIII. Or Lightning gets Odin on you.