VGAs Go Live Tonight

In case you have forgotten, tonight is the massive Video Game Awards.

Yes, we are aware there are going to be some awards there and shit, but you’re gonna be watching for the exclusive first reveals of stuff. Stuff like Tron, the new Prince of Persia, Medal of Honour and more. The biggest reveal of the night though will absolutely be Halo: Reach.

Geoff Keighley has called the game “the biggest game of 2010″, so lets see if he is right or not when the 2 and a half minute debut trailer goes live tonight.

Keighley has even said to D’Toid that the biggest thing for the show hasn’t even been revealed yet. What could that be?

Anyways, insomnia permitting, we’ll be here to break any news from the VGAs tonight. It kicks off at 1am GMT. If you can’t catch it on the internet somehow and live in the UK, UK channel Fiver will be showing it from Tuesday at 9pm.