Digital Comics (Including Manga) May Be Headed To PS3

Today, in North America, the Digital Comics service for the PSP was rolled out, allowing owners of the handheld to download and read comics via the PSP PSN Store. Big deal, right? Well, if you own a PS3 and want a piece of the comic book action, then there might be a Christmas treat for you.

On the Playstation US Blog, Grace Chen replied to a question asking whether the comics would be available to transfer to PS3;

“Currently, there’s no reader on the PS3 to view the digital comics. But we are always exploring options to bring features to both the PS3 and PSP platforms. We work closely with the publishers to bring new and older comics to PSN.”

So, hopefully, a PS3 Comic reader will available soon, and users will be able to thumb through Spiderman via their Dualshock 3 at their leisure. She also reveals that Manga will probably be on its way soon. There’s a screenshot of the replies after the jump, and we’ve already sent off a volley of e-mails asking them to add Graphics Novels. No need to thank us.

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