Final Fantasy XIII Launches in Japan

After years and months of waiting, Final Fantasy XIII has launched in Japan.

Square Enix has apparently confirmed that under 2 million units of the game has shipped to retailers in the country (thanks, UFFS), including those bundled with the Lightning and Sazh PS3 bundles that were also released, although numbers for how many bundles have shipped are unknown.

We wont get the early sales numbers for the game until possibly Friday most likely. As far as the hardware goes, for which FFXIII is expected to push PS3 sales into space, we’ll know the first indications on Friday when Media-Create releases the hardware numbers for the week, which should give the first indications.

We wont know the full effect of what the game has done in the MC software charts, as the game’s release was too late to be counted for the latest charts released earlier this morning.

The game won’t be releasing in the West until Tuesday March 9th 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360. We’ve imported our copy of the game, so we’ll be sure to write some first impressions and maybe capture even the first 20 minutes. Stay tuned, sports fans.

For now, check our No# 10 of our 2010 Advent Calendar, which is Final Fantasy XIII today.