First Heavy Rain review is in!

That’s right, we’ve got Official PlayStation Magazine’s Heavy Rain review right here for you. Has it turned out to be an almighty flop, or could it be among the first games of this year to reach AAA status?

Well, we won’t spoil it for you. Click on to find out after the jump.

[Thanks to stephenc87 at the EU PlayStation Forums for providing us with this image!]

Well, panic averted for David Cage and team! For the first review out we’d think they’d be pretty happy with a 9/10, especially considering Heavy Rain could possibly be quite a marmite game.

22 Responses to “First Heavy Rain review is in!”

  1. absolutely cannot wait to play what is sure to be a cult classic.

  2. Considering this is OPM from UK I’d say this is an excelent score, OPM UK are real reviewrs, they don’t use to go with the hype, or score first party games higher just because they’re exclusives to PS3. If they gave a 9 I’d say we’ll see many 10′s and more 9′s.

  3. Can’t wait to play it!

  4. Or it could get 7′s, as was the case for Mirror’s Edge.

  5. Dark Lestat Says:

    Official Playstation Magazine!

    I will wait for the EDGE / IGN and other’’s more…”true”

  6. sup boiii Says:

    mmm yea,, edge, very reliable for PS3 exclusives

  7. Mastershredder Says:

    Regardless of Quantic Dream says, it still has heavy influences of Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy). It’s just implemented differently. Fahrenheit was pretty darn cool when it worked, but other play mechanics such as the Dragon’s Layer direction/timing input killed it as it took you attention away from the action that was going on, on screen.

    There was a lot worthwhile action cut-scenes to be missed since you could not really look at the on-screen action and had to concentrate on the directional icons being splashed up on screen. This is not ideal particularly if you are using these scenes as story telling aspects for the game.

    From what I have seen of Heavy Rain, we are in for some of the same time sensitive input, but perhaps carried out much better this time around. I hope so anyway.

  8. @Dark Lestat

    why would I trust an EDGE review when its full of XBOTs that only like 360 games?

  9. Looking GOOD! :)

    @Dark Lestat
    Do you know that the ‘official’ playstation mags rates ps3 exclusives rather harshly? They just don’t hand out 9s and 10s based on hype/marketing unlike ‘reliable’ sites like IGN and GT. And why would anyone bother with Edge when it comes to PS3 reviews? Those monkeys are blatantly biased and they don’t even bother to hide it Go check out Metacritics if you don’t believe me, they NEVER give ps3 exclusives anything above or equal to the metacritic average, the same can’t be said for other consoles *cough* odst *cough*

  10. That’s awesome. The game looks amazing.

  11. Wow, a 9/10 from an official magazine for an exclusive to that platform, who would’ve guessed?


  12. any black people in the game?

  13. shikamaroooo Says:

    OPM do mark PS3 exclusives hsarshly OPM australia gave uncharted 1 a 7

  14. Thanks that was a interesting read.

  15. Deadbored Says:

    Personally i’ll wait for more reviews, even if OPM are fair with there reviews (and to be honest I think only someone who is biased to PS3 would say they are, much inthe smae way they will claim sites that give some PS3 games bad reviews are 360 biased), but one persons opinion on a game is not much to base an overal opinion on. If a game is good, it won’t matter if a site is so calld biased,if the reviewrs like the games it will show. As for them giving Uncharted 1 a 7, thats a good mark for whatt was a very average game, the probelm is idiots theink these days that unles a game gets 9 or int he 90′s it’s a bad review. I’d have personally given Uncharted 1 a 6, as in not bad but above average, 2 which was a great game i’d have given an 8 as it was good but not ground breaking.

  16. @Deadbored
    You are a complete idiot.
    To give Uncharted 1 a 6 or even a 7 would be completely retarded, as when it came out there was nothing that looked even close to it or matched the excitement of the gameplay.

  17. Sid James Jr Says:

    No Fuss Reviews dropped a 10/10, I trust them more!

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