Stunning LBP Contraptions Show The Game Is Still Alive And Kicking

As much as we hate to say it; LittleBigPlanet is getting on a bit. After picking up many awards in ’08, it just isn’t fit for purpose in the new decade, and after all, no-one plays it…right?

Wrong. So, so wrong. See, over on the EU Playstation Forums, a group of LBP fans have banded together to see who can build the best bridge-crossing machine. While most people could hardly work out how to place a switch in the Design Mode, these guys and gals have made some truly stunning contraptions, all in working order and looking pretty funky. It’s pretty hard to get more epic.

You can join the Contraption Challenge here, and the video is after the jump.

5 Responses to “Stunning LBP Contraptions Show The Game Is Still Alive And Kicking”

  1. Wow, very impressive stuff. I need to jump back on, every time I see LBP again i’m just so damn charmed.

  2. envious guy Says:

    man, this is the only ps3 game that makes me think of getting a ps3, its just my type of game… one day perhaps…

  3. LBP is the greatest game ever

  4. TheChimpIsHere Says:

    I have been trying to find it used, but …screw it, Im picking up the GOTY edition tomorrow.

  5. Makes me wanna go home right now and play some water levels! This is one of the funnest games ever, it just makes you smile and fell happy. I almost feel bad when i dont play it for a while, haha. Me and my wife have a blast everytime we play, its also a lot of fun to play with 4 people in your house.