The 6 Ways Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters Cheat

Modern Warfare 2 is fun. No point trying to deny it; the joy of ‘pwning’ some ‘noobs’ across the ether is brilliantly addictive. But, you’ve got to take the good with the bad. And just like how the vibrant streets of Rio De Janeiro paint a pretty picture, underneath there lies a dark and seedy underworld; the world of the cheaters. Here are 5 non-console specific, non-hacks that you’re likely to encounter in a random game:

5. Dual Account Stabbing:

You may not have come across this one. But we did. Picture the scene – 10 players slugging in out in Hardcore HQ Ricochet Pro, fighting through the narrow streets and tiny buildings in Rundown. But, where are the other two players? Well, one player who’s name we’ll call Player X was on the militia’s side with 25 kills and no deaths, while the Rangers’ bottom player Player X was on 0 kills and 25 deaths. Something was fishy. Sure enough, we poked our head round the door of an out of sight building to find one player spawning, throwing down a Tactical Insertion, then getting stabbed by the other, and repeating. The nuke came within a minute. You might not see this in every match, but the fact you either have the same guy on two different consoles or a friend who’s so devoted he allows himself to be killed for an entire match means that rather than being annoying; this is just a little bit sad. Ragequit Level: 5/10

4. Camping:

“Oh, nice work, man; you got two fast kills – maybe you want to take a rest in the quiet spot over there, regroup your thoughts and reload. Good work, now on you jog.” That’s how it’s meant to be. Obviously, everyone camps to an extent, but it’s usually just half a minute or so, and a cheap kill or two. But some people just can’t let go. Spending 10 minutes looking at exactly the same spot, never moving, might not sound like fun to you and us, but for these freaks, they get their kicks from being static, slowly snatching cheap kills until they get a nice little killstreak. If you get shot in the back by one of these fools, don’t give them the satisfaction of going back for more. Ragequit Level: 7/10

3: Riot Shield Groups:

Riot Shields aren’t very fun. Sure, you’ll use them once or twice, and if you’ve got a friend online, you can pair up and become quite a team with one. Unfortunately, they carry a darker side. Two players on the same team find a quiet spot in the middle of nowhere, one gets out a riot shield, and the other plugs 200 rounds from an LMG into it. Using One Man Army, they swap classes and the other player takes the other role. Those with the riot shield will gain a hefty bonus in post-match bonuses, without one single death. Once again, you can usually leave these cheaters to themselves, but it’s sill infuriating to think that they’ll reach Level 67 much earlier than you and unlock Model 1887s… Ragequit Level: 6/10

2: Akimbo FMJ Model 1887s:

It’s amazing to think that this is still a problem even after a patch that was devoted to stopping it. The Model 1887 is a good, if a little cumbersome, secondary shotgun unlocked at level 67. With Akimbo, they become incredibly powerful, but still kinda ‘legal’ close-range killers. Add the FMJ, and you’ve got quick-fire, quick-reload double powered medium range unstoppable über tubes capable of killing someone one-shot through a solid wall. Every time you see one cheater scamper around the map random-firing everywhere and getting a shed-load of kills, you’ll be incandescent with rage. The worst bit, however, is that the scum who use these are really bad with them, slow to fire and a little bit thick. Figures. Ragequit Level: 10/10

1: Danger Close Pro + One Man Army:

Kudos to those who get 120 kills with Danger Close on. It took a while, but you stuck at it, so well done. Have a cookie. However, death is the only suitable punishment for those who combine their new-found perk of choice with One Man Army. This means that the player has grenade launchers that kill people from miles away, and when they run out of that, they can just swap classes and do it again. Then, when they get 7 kills, the incredibly overpowered Harrier Airstrike guarantees them 3+ kills, meaning in no time they’ve got a Chopper Gunner. They might as well cover our screen in actual, physical puke than spray grenades about and kill players who are perfectly distanced from it’s explosion. Maybe IW will create a patch to solve this. Most likely, it’ll do as much use as calming down a bull with the Chinese flag. Ragequit Level: Over 9000/10

BONUS ROUND!  Care Package Stealing:

Listen, buddy. We worked hard for our care packages. We killed 4 people, and we want our reward. So don’t hover like an over-eager raven and try steal it when it lands. It’s even worse when your Emergency Airdrop hits the floor – trying to soak up all those green boxes without team-mates raiding them is almost more trouble than it’s worth.

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18 Responses to “The 6 Ways Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters Cheat”

  1. groverfett Says:

    Way to go! 1 out of these 6 so-called “cheats” is actually cheating. The rest are just strategies.

  2. You forgot to mention the Commando+Lightweight+tactical knife, which in turn can better it with a care package.

    I admit Im one of these knife dueling bastard that run around the map slashing everything in its path

  3. Strategies? haha wtf

    I say if you cant beat em, join em and try and do one better

  4. i have not used any of these above but i do commando+lightweight+tactical knife like cell989

  5. lee mitchell Says:

    no matter how much we b**** and whine about it,truth is,they WONT leave until cod 7 comes,its quite sad that a game cant reach its potential until the next game comes out

  6. @cell989
    hell yeah dude!
    that’s the ultimate stategy!!

  7. aggy shuttlezworth Says:

    “I say if you cant beat em, join em and try and do one better”

    this is the reason why this game suck… everybody does the same bullshit and ruined the game… oh well back to GT5p

  8. This is why I seldom play with strangers online for too long. I’d rather host my own games or play on games hosted by good people that like to have fun and where winning isn’t at the expense of not having fun. Play as a team and try to win as a team.

    Too many little pricks focus far too much on winning or racking up the kills and not even caring how enjoyable it is for others. It’s like playing sports games online where they pick the best teams and play cheap tactics so they have any advantage. What fun is that really?

  9. You called Akimbo 1887s + FMJ CHEATING? When you can use them ingame once you hit level 67? Damn, I wonder what counts as cheating these days. Maybe just getting kills in general is cheating now because said gun is “cheap” i guess.

  10. These aren’t exactly cheats, but….if you use these you’re typically a douchebag. You automatically have no skill if you use any of these “strategies”. Everyone should just use a gun, actually aim (instead of just randomly firing with grenades, shotguns, etc.), and hit people with actual bullets.

  11. If I hear one more person QQ’ing about not getting all four of their emergency airdrop crates I am going to lose it. That is a team kill streak and is meant to be shared to benefit the entire team. If you are going to whine about them getting stolen, either get faster or use a better kill streak!

    • No your a damn idiot. If I got enough kills to earn a care package drop. I deserve to keep it. That’s why it loads faster for the person who called it. Why the fuck do you think you deserve to steal MY drop? I really can’t stand people like you. You don’t do a thing but think you deserve it all. If you were a good teammate you would cover the guy who called in the airdrop. Since it’s faster for them. That’s what I do. Go earn your own drop. Or do you suck so bad you can’t earn one?

  12. hate noobs Says:

    you have to add the marathon + lightweight + commando + with care package in hand…. running around at crazy speeds stabbing everyone… annoying little f**ks.

  13. Camping .. you gonna whine next about the players who play the same map day in day out

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  15. To the gentleman named mike,
    Is it so hard to share one measly ass care drop with the 5+ guys on your team, or are you just a greedy little asswipe that just has to have it all? learn to be a team player and not a fucking jew.

  16. ZzSlEePeRZz Says:

    wow are yu guys really this into a fuckin game wont yu get out of your moms basement and go get laid