OPM: “Very Special Game Still To Be Revealed”

UPDATE: TheSixthAxis got in touch with Tim and can now report that the game is indeed the unannounced shooter being made by the ‘Black’ dev. team. So, without being too presumptuous…start saving for Black 2.

In Episode 8 of the Official Playstation Magazine Podcast, Editor-In-Chief Tim Clark has revealed that a new game is yet to be revealed.

“Next time we’ll be talking shooters with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Vanquish and another very special game yet to be announced.”

This means a new game, probably a shooter, will be revealed next month; while you might think from the podcast that it’s a PS3 exclusive, this does coincide nicely with OXN teasing “The shooter everyone’s been asking for“, so it may well be multiplatform.

Keep your eyes peeled and start wildly guessing.

10 Responses to “OPM: “Very Special Game Still To Be Revealed””

  1. Duke Nukem Forever?

  2. black2?
    resistance 3?
    killzone 3?
    syphon filter 5????

    Could be anything really, probs just pointless hype like always.

  3. … Killzone 3 …

  4. Not A Help Desk Says:

    Let’s see… a multiplatoform “very special” shooter?
    I’d be surprised if it’s NOT the next Call of Duty game!

  5. Its Half Life Ep 3. Come on people. Shooter Everyone has been asking for that is multiplatform. Not that ive been asking for it, but it seems obvious.

  6. its killzone 3, or something else similar, or duno, cant w8.

  7. It’s Black 2. The developers of the first game have gotten back together and are currently working on an unnamed FPS. Surely that’s Black 2?

  8. i hope its a game exactly like black, i enjoyed that so much and is by far THE BEST! FPS out there till today.
    better than halo, gears, killzone, uncharted and call of duty put together!
    either that or SYPHON FILTER 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that is sonys halo, its sonys mario so what the &^%# is taking them so long to announce it?
    come on sony, announce it so we know its coming than release it when its ready but preferable no longer than 2 years time.
    ive heard sony bend have been working on it since resistance retribution came out, so it should be quite far into development by now.
    either of these and ill need a new pair of pants!
    not literally of course, but syphon filter was by far the best ps1 game and by far the best PSP game.
    and BLACK was by far the best ps2 game, and by far the best FPS ever released up until now!