GDC 2010: Sony round-up

The main news to come out of GDC so far for Sony is the official reveal of the name for the motion controller, Move.

For a full round-up of what went down at Sony’s GDC, follow through the jump.

The biggest news is Move, no question about it. PlayStation Move will include the motion controller, sub-controller (Wii nunchuck much?), and the PS Eye which will retail at $100. There’ll also be a hardware bundle too for Move including a PlayStation 3 but no price for this was announced at GDC.

So far Sony have 20 first party and 36 third party developers and publishers on board with  Move, and in the fiscal year 2010, Sony plan to release more than 20 games that are either dedicated to or supported with the PlayStation Move platform.

Games such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 have confirmed Move support, and also SOCOM 4 has the option to use the motion controller in place of the DualShock 3.

Sony also confirmed to VG247 that God of War III that DLC is being milled over. “We’re talking about DLC, and the possibilities of it, to see if it’s worth for us to do it,” Todd Papy told VG247. “From a fan standpoint, I think it’s very worth it,”  however he added “but at the same time we don’t want to compromise our next projects.”