Massive PS3 Sequel To Be Revealed Next Month

The Official Playstation Magazine has disclosed that a massive PS3 sequel will be revealed next month. It doesn’t say exclusively, so expect it to be announced before the next OPM. Our money is firmly on Killzone 3, but what do you think?

See the teaser after the jump. Issue 43 of OPM is out now.

25 Responses to “Massive PS3 Sequel To Be Revealed Next Month”

  1. CrimsonFox13 Says:


    Or Demon’s Souls 2, but that’d be revealed in a Japanese magazine, more likely…

  2. Resistance 3? I reckon its ripe for public announcement now,

  3. kamanashi Says:

    Kingdom Hearts 3 or Killzone 3.

  4. kosluftar Says:


    • SOCOM 4 has already been revealed…

      It’ll either be Killzone 3 or Resistance 3. My money is on Killzone 3.

  5. i would say killzone 3, but it just seems a little too soon after killzone 2. i’d imagine they’d debut it at e3 if anything… i’m saying resistance 3.

  6. KILLZONE 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Martin østergaard Says:


  8. I think it is just a follow up on the next socom game

  9. Ummm massive, could it be Little Big Planet 2 (because of the massive levels created by gamers to date)

  10. Anybody have a picture of the scan?

  11. if anyone has been following the releases of insomniac games its most likely to be RESISTANCE 3

  12. Vlad_snz Says:

    It’s Kingdom Hearts 3… the creator of Kingdom Hearts 3 just said they are planning on creating a new game soon and they are making a new next generation engine. Originally they couldnt work on Kingdom Hearts 3 because they were working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII which now seems to be finishing up.

  13. its socom 4 you complete twats

    • why would they call it a massive sequel reveal for “next month” when they WOULD have known about the socom info coming out THIS month???

  14. tonto117 Says:

    motorstorm 3 100%

  15. Most likely Resistance 3, with a possible announcement of multi-platofrm for it, considering recent rumors I’ve heard about Insomniac.

  16. Chris Hooten Says:

    Grand Theft Auto

  17. it’s a bit early, but it could potentially be inFamous 2.

  18. Little Big Planet 2! Or I sure hope so.

  19. twisted metal

  20. ExtremeRickman Says:

    it’s inFamous 2 or Resistance 3. Probably Resistance 3.