“Top-Secret” PS3 Driving Game Revealed Next Month

Tell you what; it’s hard to keep track of all these PS3 games being hinted at. Yesterday, OPM told the world that a ‘Massive Sequel‘ would arrive next month. Well, in another part of the Official Playstation Magazine, you can read this:

“We’ve seen a top-secret driving game that may threaten GT5′s racing crown. More next month – be excited.”

So, what do you think? Twisted Metal, Motorstorm 3, The new Need For Speed or Burnout? Will it challenge GT5 graphically, be more realistic, or both? Is it the same game as teased next issue? So many questions. A picture of the text is here, and Issue 43 of OPM is in the store now.

24 Responses to ““Top-Secret” PS3 Driving Game Revealed Next Month”

  1. Yankees6418 Says:

    wow , u guys are forgetting bout RIDGE RACER that would be awesome if they had a new game, im not sure if they do


    Um..yeah. Ridge Racer Sucks. The box looks god but its the most unrealistic and the worst racing game ever.

  3. So don’t leave us in suspense it’s been two months since this came out….What is the game?